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Homeowners Mortgage is an interim servicer, meaning we generally service loans we originate up to 3 months. At that time we transfer our loans to permanent servicers. In the Closing Package (provided by the attorney or closing agent) you were given a First Payment Letter, which contains 3 coupons. If you cannot locate your coupons, please send an email to and we will e-mail you a copy.

Servicing e-mail:

Toll Free phone number: 866-231-2442

Payment address:
Homeowner’s Mortgage Enterprises, Inc./Servicing Department
2530 Devine Street
Columbia, SC 29205

Physical Address:
2530 Devine Street
Columbia, SC 29205

To make an online payment click: Make a Payment


Question: Why have I not received a coupon booklet from Homeowners Mortgage?

Answer: In the Closing Package you received from the attorney or closing agent, you were given a ‘First Payment Letter’ which contains 3 payment coupons. Homeowners Mortgage transfers servicing of loans it originates to third-party servicers generally within 90 days of closing. If you cannot locate your payment coupons, please e-mail and we will e-mail you a copy. You may also call our toll free number and ask for a member of the Servicing staff to send you a copy.

Question: When will I hear about the transfer of my loan to the permanent servicer?

Answer: The transfer of servicing normally takes place within the first 90 days from closing. The day the transaction occurs, the Servicing department will send you a ‘Goodbye Letter’ with the pertinent information regarding the new servicer. This letter will inform you where to send the next payment.

Question: What happens if I mail the payment due the new servicer to HME?

Answer: Homeowners Mortgage will endorse your check over to the new servicer and forward via UPS 2-Day Air.

Question: Will that make my payment late with the new Servicer?

Answer: No, the new servicer will use the date HME received the payment to credit your loan. During the first 60 days from transfer, no late fees are assessed nor does any adverse credit reporting occur.

Question: How do I know if HME received my payment?

Answer: You may contact our servicing department via either method of contact and one of our staff members can forward you a copy of your payment history.

Question: Who will send our 1098s (Mortgage Interest Statement) for the current year?

Answer: You will receive 1098s from both HME and the new Servicer. Added together, the total will be what is reported by your tax accountant for your taxes. If you have any questions regarding the 1098 HME sends you, please contact our Servicing staff at either method of contact.

Question: Can I set up an auto draft with Homeowners Mortgage?

Answer: We do not offer auto draft, please wait until your loan is transferred to your new servicer.

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