Easy Home Decor Ideas: 19 Home Decor Pieces That Will Enhance The Beauty Of The House Without Much Effort

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19 Home Decor Pieces

1. Plants

Plants are the best investment for your home!  These will not only enhance the beauty of the house but will also bring a freshness and positive vibe in the house.  You can choose your plants according to the space in the house and the amount of light coming inside the house.  From the center table to the bathroom and from the windowsill to the corner of the living room, you can decorate every corner and every part of the house with plants.

2. Planters

 Now when it is being mentioned about keeping plants in the house, then keeping them in earthen plain pots or in plastic pots will reduce the space for the beauty of your house to grow, so keep the plants in beautiful planters.  There are many types of planters available in the market ranging from blue pottery and ceramic to jute and cement.

3. Frames

Everyone frames photos and paintings, but nowadays there is a lot of trend to use empty frames as wall decor.  If you have watched the American TV show, you would know that there was also an empty frame hanging on the door of Monica’s flat.  You can also install such different color and shape frames in your home.

4. Mirror

 Mirror means mirror or mirror which till a few years ago was seen only on people’s bathrooms and dressing tables.  But that time is now long behind and glass is being used as a home decor item.  You can create a pattern by placing several small mirrors or you can use a large mirror on a wall to make it a focal point.

 5. Curtains

 Curtains are used in everyone’s house, in such a situation, to enhance the beauty of the house with the help of curtains, you will have to work a little harder in choosing curtains.  Sheer curtains, double curtains, curtains with ruffle detailing, Rajasthani block print curtains, there are many such options of curtains which can help in making your home special from ordinary.

 6. Carpets & Rugs

 If you want to give your home a posh, classy and expensive look and feel without spending a lot of money then this is a very easy and effective way.  You can use them in any room or every room in your house.  You can keep them according to the color scheme of the walls or in contrast.

7. Wallpaper

 If you don’t have the budget and time to paint your home, wallpaper is a cheap and easy way to give your home a new look.  Even if you do not want to wallpaper the whole house, create an accent wall by wallpapering one wall of each room and you will see how your home gets a new life.

 8. Mix and match cushions

 Usually we all keep matching cushions on our sofa, settee or diwan.  But now forget that concept.  Mix and match cushions to bring some fun, quirky and vibrant factor to your living room.  Keep some cushions in solid colors, some printed and some textured, just use your creativity.

 9. Knobs and handles

 Generally, steel or similar metal handles are installed in the doors, shelves and drawers of everyone’s homes.  However, if you want to do something quirky and out of the box, then replace these boring door knobs and handles.  You’ll find blue pottery ceramic handles and knobs, as well as resin and brass ones.  This small change can add a lot to the beauty of the house.

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10. Hanging Racks & Shelves

 The biggest problem in modern houses being built in big cities is space.  This is the reason why these days multipurpose furniture, folding racks and all such space saving things are being used in homes.  One such wonderful thing is hanging shelves and racks or not only save your floor space but also enhance the beauty of the room.

11. Antique or vintage furniture

 We are not saying that you should not get new or modern furniture in your home, but a vintage or antique piece in every room will give the house a very rustic yet classy appeal.  For example, a vintage rocking chair in the bedroom, or an antique center table in the living room, or a vintage-style swing if you have the space.

12. Wall plates

 If you have searched for home decor ideas on Pinterest or you have seen home decor ideas on Instagram, then you would know how trendy wall plates are these days.  These plates with different colors and patterns will enhance the beauty of your home.  It is not necessary that you buy expensive wall plates from a home decor store.  You can also hang them on the wall by getting blue pottery, porcelain or terracotta plates from the local market and doing a little DIY on them.

13. Wind chimes

 Many people will think that the trend of wind chimes has become very old but you have to understand that only its concept is old but every year new types of wind chimes keep coming in the market.  From wood to terracotta and brass to glass, you’ll find many unique wind chimes if you look around.

 14. The lights

 Lights have a big role in setting the aesthetic of any house, so if you also want to enhance the beauty of your home, then old tubelights and bulbs will not work.  Put different types of lights in different corners of the house which are beautiful to see.  You will find many options like lantern-like lights, lights with brass holders or hanging lights in the market and online.  Apart from this, fairy lights also get a very good look by putting them around the windows.

 15. Fresh flowers

 Flowers add a different kind of freshness to the house, so use them as much as possible.  But by flowers we do not mean that you always buy expensive and exotic flowers from the market.  Use whatever flowers you have in your garden or nearby.  Many times wild grass or plants come out in the pots, which look very beautiful, you can also use them.  This is one of those home decor items that will not cause any harm to the environment.

16. Low-height seating

 If you want to give your home a warm and cozy vibe, then create a low-seating corner in the living room or balcony.  You will not take much effort to do this, you can use a sofa-cum-bed folding mattress or you can lay a mattress on the ground.  Along with this, for extra seating, use folding and ottoman stools instead of chairs.

 17. Local art

 Whenever it comes to adding an artistic touch to most homes, most people buy a painting from a shop, but in this way your home will not look different.  If you really want to give art a place in your home, then promote local or regional art.  If you go somewhere for a trip, bring some decor item from there or use any handicraft or art form famous in your state.  For example, if you live in Uttar Pradesh, frame the popular Banarasi or Chikankari fabric here and use it as wall art.

 18. Memory wall

 Photos are a very important part of all of our lives.  These are the things through which we relive the past and all the beautiful moments of our lives.  There is no need to keep such beautiful memories locked away in cupboards or boxes.  Get them printed in different sizes and get them framed on any wall of the house and add beauty to your home.  Get all the pictures in different sizes and frames and in different color schemes to make them look natural.

19. Wall of fame

 Like the photo wall, you can convert any wall of your house into a wall of fame, that is, a wall on which the achievements of the members of the house can be posted.  These accomplishments could be medals and trophies won at school, a good thing about a family member in the newspaper, or an article written by a family member.

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